Born on November 27, 1964, Marion, Ohio. On angel wings was carried from his home in Dallas January 4, 1996.
To Jeff from Don
Delirious - his body ablaze with fever, I caressed his brow with cool water. He rallied, opened his eyes, and said, Thank you that feels so good.

I placed a moist towel on his once strong legs - now skin and bone, unable to move. A second towel I placed on his stomach and chest, swollen with pain

With a cool cloth I washed his face Then ever so lightly I washed his crusty dry eyelids. It was then I saw those tears flowing from closed eyes that once shown so bright

Holding his hand I began to gently moisten his arms

His eyes now open unable to communicate he made it known that he wanted to hold the wash cloth

Barely able to hold the cloth and raise his slender arm tears in eyes he began to moisten my arm with that same moist cloth

Love Yes that was my Jeff So full of love just looking for ways to give it out

God you give and receive in ways we do not understand

Sometimes we encounter angels unaware God - thank you for shinning a light into my life

See you later my love You now know death is the ultimate healing

Not dead just gone ahead

Thank you Jeff for knowing I always loved you even though I had such a hard time showing it Why for some it is so difficult to embrace that which means the most


Born on November 27, 1964, Marion Ohio. On Angel wings, was carried from his home in Dallas Jan. 4, 1996. Graduated high school, Flushing Michigan. Employed by the Dallas Museum of Art. Services were held at: St. Thomas the Apostle, Dallas Texas. by friend & Pastor Rev. Stephen J. Waller.

His last Ski trip: was to Winter Park Resort, Colorado. Where his ashes now reside, spread there by his loving parents and friends.

Blue Denim for Jeff's quilt: was worn by "BigTex" at the '95-State Fair of Texas. Jeff knew it would be his last visit there, his last arcade, last time to see "BigTex", last state fair Corny Dog with mustard. It was a beautiful day.

He is deeply missed by his life partner Don Whitehall of Dallas, parents Larry and Patricia Montgomery & brother and sister-in-law & Ben and Kim Montgomery of Lewisville, Tx. Sister and brother-in-law Barbara and Eric Dornes of San Antonio,Tx. His nieces Morgan,Samantha and Kara Rae, Many friends and relations.

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