To Earle from Sam

Earle D. Haley Jr.
Born February 2, 1921
Passed March 16, 1999

"My Life Was Forever Changed"
by Sam Roberts

I first met Earle in August of 1988, and my life was forever changed. He was such a gentle, caring fellow and a special relationship was born that day. I had the privilege of enjoying him for 10 and a half years. We traveled a lot together, and the companionship was excellent, and one could not ask for a better travel partner.

We were nudists, and shared a love for old cars, Studebakers in particular. So, besides our love for nudism, we had cars to further cement what was a fantastic relationship. We shared trips to a nudist resort in the Rio Grande Valley for ten years, and other nudist venues as well. We also were partners going to many automotive functions over the years, which surely made them more enjoyable for me.

Over the course of our relationship, I was introduced to his children, and grandchildren, as well as his sister, and her family. All seemed to approve of our friendship, and all seem to have many of the same qualities Earle had. We still keep in touch, and that means an awful lot to me.

Though fate took Earle away from us on March 16th, of 1999, we will never forget the man who looked like Colonel Sanders. Though Earle is gone, he will always remain a part of those lives he so profoundly touched while he was alive.

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