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Sunday, April 29 2001
Volume 01 : Number 222

In this issue:

-Older younger combo: Harmodius and Aristogeiton
-Walt Whitman & lover
-Photo from 1880 - My Buddy (2)
-Humor: If you think you know the internet.....
-British pastor puts foot in mouth (2)
Man's perfect breakfast
-Windows-New Yawk Edition????

From: George of Boston
Subject: Older younger combo: Harmodius and Aristogeiton

These intergenerational lovers have been an inspiration for about 2,500 years.

If this duplicates a pic previously sent by Ben Boxer to the list in connection with his excellent article about these two guys, I am sorry for my bad memory.

Perhaps I can make it up to you in some way?

George of Boston (Boston Bill)
From: George of Boston
Subject: Walt Whitman & lover

Here is a pic of an older Walt Whitman and his younger lover Peter Doyle, taken in 1865. Obviously, inter-generational love was not recently invented.
As with many pics that I scan for the list, you may always ask me for a full-size bmp file if you want to improve the image for your collection.

George of Boston (Boston Bill)
From: George of Boston
Subject: Photo from 1880 - My Buddy

Contrary to what some guys might believe, "homosexuality" was not invented in New York City in 1969 at the time of the Stonewall riots.

According to Dean Hutchinson, (who may not be on this list), the word "homosexual" was first coined and used by the sex-law reformer and writer Karl Maria Kertbeny in a letter he'd written on May 6, 1868 to Karl Heinrich Ulrichs. Dean has a copy of that letter. [Personal note to Dean: You would enjoy this list.]

So perhaps these loving guys in this photo taken in 1880 were among the vast numbers of men who were enjoying the newly named (newly invented?) condition of homosexuality, which by any other name has probably been around in many forms of expression as long as our species.

George of Boston (Boston Bill)
From: George of Boston
Subject: Re: Photo from 1880 - My Buddy

"Brig Adune" wrote:
George - where do you get these pics?

Some addictions are pleasurable AND harmless. Enjoy.

"My Buddy" came from the last issue of the Advocate magazine, announcing an exhibit of photos at the International Center of Photography in New York City, that is now open. This is an exhibit of about 100 photos of affection between men in the USA from the 19th and early 20th century. Both "My Buddy" and the Walt Whitman-Peter Doyle pic are part of the exhibit.

I expect to see the exhibit in a few days. If they have any small size, low cost reproductions for sale, I will get them and scan them for the list.

George of Boston (Boston Bill)
Subject: Humor: If you think you know the internet,read on for the true history of it..

For those of you who think you understand the Internet, let me give you the true story from a historical perspective.

An old, bearded shepherd with a crooked staff walked up to a stone pulpit and said, "And lo, it came to pass that the trader by the name of Abraham Com did take unto himself a young wife by the name of Dot. And Dot Com was a comely woman, broad of shoulder and long of leg. Indeed, she had been called Amazon Dot Com. And she said unto Abraham, her husband, "Why doth thou travel far, from town to town, with thy goods when thou can trade without ever leaving thy tent?"

And Abraham did look at her as though she were several saddle bags short of a camel load, but simply said, "How, Dear?" And Dot replied, "I will place drums in all the towns and drums in between to send messages saying what you have for sale and they will reply telling you which hath the best price. And the sale can be made on the drums and delivery made by Uriah's Pony Stable (UPS)."

Abraham thought long and decided he would let Dot have her way with the drums. And the drums rang out and were an immediate success. Abraham sold all the goods he had, at the top price, without ever moving from his tent. But this success did arouse envy.

A man named Maccabia did secret himself inside Abraham's drum and was accused of insider trading. And the young man did take to Dot Com's trading as doth the greedy horsefly take to camel dung. They were called Nomadic Ecclesiastical Rich Dominican Siderites, or NERDS for short.

And lo, the land was so feverish with joy at the new riches and the deafening sound of drums, that no one noticed that the real riches were going to the drum maker, one Brother William of Gates, who bought up every drum company in the land. And indeed did insist on making drums that would work only if you bought Brother Gates' drumsticks.

And Dot did say, "Oh, Abraham, what we have started is being taken over by others." And as Abraham looked out over the Bay of Ezekiel, or as it came to be known, eBay, he said, "we need a name that reflects what we are," and Dot replied, "Young Ambitious Hebrew Owner Operators." "Whoopee!", said Abraham. "No, YAHOO!" said Dot Com.. .and that is how it all began.
From: "Ben Boxer"
Subject: British pastor puts foot in mouth

Ben Boxer comments: Thank you, Julia Dean!

U.K. pastor blames outbreak of foot-and-mouth on gays
( / Network)
A British church pastor distributed leaflets claiming that the latest outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the U.K. countryside was caused by God's disapproval of homosexuality.

In the Moreton Christian Assembly's newsletter, pastor Ray Borlase suggests that the devastation wrought by foot-and-mouth disease is linked to the recent reduction in the United Kingdom's age of consent for gay sex to 16.

"The last major outbreak of foot-and-mouth was in 1967. A Christian leader at that time linked that outbreak with two acts of Parliament. The first was the Abortion Act and the second was the legalizing of homosexuality," writes Borlase. "Those acts permitted behavior which would have brought the disapproval of God upon our nation. Soon afterwards the foot-and-mouth disease began to affect our country.

"In recent weeks, just prior to this outbreak, Parliament lowered the age of consent for homosexual acts to 16---mere minors! We have failed to protect our children from perversion....There is such a similarity between events in 1967 and this outbreak that we have to conclude this is more than a coincidence."

Local resident Julie Dean described herself as "totally and utterly gobsmacked" by the pamphlet. "It is publications like this that drive up the suicide rate for young gay people. Now, every homophobic idiot thinks they have an excuse to terrorize lesbians and gays after a rowdy night at the pub, and I can guarantee that it will happen," she said. "The pastor of Moreton Christian Assembly should be ashamed of himself."

But Borlase did not back down from his allegations, saying, "The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is wrong."
From: "Bob Mac"
Subject: Re: British pastor puts foot in mouth

Borlase Syndrome - a vicious, ugly and deforming variant of Foot-in-Mouth Disease which only affects humans of narrow mind. Unfortunately not confined to UK, but easily controlled by preventative doses of Oil of Kindness combined with heavy duty injections of Sceptics Remedy - blunt needles essential.
From: orlando b
Subject: Man's perfect breakfast

You're sitting at the table and your son is on the cover of the box of Wheaties

Your mistress is on the cover of Playboy

And your wife is on the back of the milk carton.

Subject: Windows-New Yawk Edition???? For all my New Yawk buddies!!!
Dear Consumers:
It has come to our attention that a few copies of the WINDOWS 98 BROOKLYN EDITION may have accidentally been shipped outside Brooklyn.

If you have one of these, you may need some help understanding the commands.

The Brooklyn edition may be recognized by the unique opening screen. It reads: "WINDAS 98," with a background picture of Grand Army Plaza. When you start the program, instead of the usual "harpy, stringy" music, you hear the theme from the Godfather. It is also shipped with a Sopranos screen saver.

Please also note:
* The Recycle Bin is labeled "Bedford Stuyvesant."
* My Computer is called "My Friggin' Computer."
* The Inbox is referred to as "The Trunk."
* Deleted items are referred to as "Wacked," "Erased," or "Rubbed Out."
* Dial up Networking is called "The Bar."
* Control Panel is known as the "The Bosses."
* Performing an "illegal operation" is known as "enhancing the family business" and will actually maximize the program instead of shutting it down.
* Hard Drive is referred to as "The BQE Rush Hour."
* Instead of an error message a "You ain't gonna friggin' believe this!" pops up.

OK...................Sure ting
Reset...............Start Ova

Find..................Put a contract out on
Browse.............Get a looksee
Back.................U turn
Help..................(Help is not available - yous don't need no stinking help)
Stop..................Knock it off
Start..................Move it!
Settings.............Here's the Rules

Also note that any voice recognition software run on the BROOKLYN EDITION platform does not recognize the letter "R."

Some programs and other accessories that are exclusive to WINDAS 98:

Typa................A word processing program
Solitare.............Seven Card Stud

We regret any inconvenience it may have caused if you received a copy of the BROOKLYN EDITION. You may return it to Microsoft for a replacement version.

Yous got a problem wit dat?

End of silverfoxesclub-digest V1 #222