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Monday, April 02 2001
Volume 01 : Number 194

In this issue:

-Fellatio Course - Lesson 15
-Comments on Fellatio Course (2)
-A punishment befitting the crime (2)
-Question du Jour (for Harley) (3)

From: "George of Boston"
Subject: Fellatio Course - Lesson 15

LESSON FIFTEEN: Advanced Techniques

There are many ways to practice safe and sane oral sex. Here are some popular variations on cocksucking.

The Butterfly Flutter

The best position for this very sensuous cocksucking movement is kneeling over your partner. If he is on his back kneel between his legs. Or kneel in front of your partner while he stands. I like this position because the cock feels thicker in your mouth and throat and you have complete freedom to play with his balls while performing this maneuver.

This technique was first introduced to me by a cocksucker in northern California. There was a notorious movie theater in downtown San Francisco with a darkened balcony. A cocksucker's haven. And this guy had us lined up. You knew from the moans emanating from the guy's throat who was getting his cock sucked that this guy was that one in a thousand who knew how to please a variety of fresh cockmeat. It felt so good that I studied him closely while he was sucking cock. Not only did I observe the guys who were getting the radical suck, but I got down close to the cock and observed how he was maneuvering around it. He created the basic vacuum pressure on the cock but only enough pressure to pull the cock into his mouth ever so slightly.

With his lips firmly wrapped around the guy's big swollen cock head and shaft he would gently flick the tip of the cock with his tongue. With his lips open around the cock at a depth so that he could touch the tip of the cock with the tip of his tongue. With his lips around the cock shaft he would make an up and down movement with his tongue. He would flutter his tongue up and down the tip of the cock.

I recommend you try it. It will drive your Butterfly Flutter partner back into your mouth at any hour you want him there. After several minutes of this continue with the basic vacuum suck.

The Traveling Figure Eight

After you have become comfortable with the basic vacuum suck and you have become accustomed to his cock deep in your mouth and throat try this action. It is guaranteed to take his breath away. With your lips firmly wrapped around the cock shaft try very slowly to reach the base of the shaft or as close to it as you are comfortable. Your nose should be buried in or at least touching the pubic hairs at the base of the cock.

With your nose trace a figure eight as if the figure eight were lying on it's side. Your figure eight motion should be three to four inches long. Slowly travel up the shaft of the cock to the head, doing the figure eight motion. Keep doing this motion and let your lips firmly travel up and down the cock shaft. Do this for as long as you are comfortable with it. Believe me your man is floating in orbit as his wildest dreams of the ultimate blow job are coming true.

By this time you are becoming more and more confident with your partner. His cock feels great as it fills your mouth and throat. The cock is becoming harder and warmer as your warm moist mouth and throat create friction by going up and down that big beautiful cock. It is time to cool his tool just a little with this technique.

I take full credit for this one myself! From the time I hit puberty I was fascinated by cocks. Big ones, little ones, cut ones, uncut ones, crooked ones, straight ones. All shapes, all sizes. I wanted to feel them down my throat! Combine this very basic love of cocksucking with an inherent fear of not being able to take cock and completely satisfy the guy and you can imagine how I felt. I needed a technique that would feel good in my mouth and would feel good for my partner. Here's what I came up with:

Go down on the cock shaft as far as you are comfortable. All the while your lips should be firmly wrapped around the shaft. Open your mouth as wide as you can and suck in as much air as your lungs will hold. While sucking in air let your open mouth travel up to the cock head. Your up stroke motion should end at the head of his cock just as your lungs fill with air. Now with your mouth still open let the air in your lungs out slowly through your mouth as your opened mouth travels back down the cock shaft. This technique cools the cock on the up stoke and warms the cock with your hot breath on the down stroke. Do this movement as long as you like then return to the basic vacuum suck method.


You are doing just fine and he loves it! Keep it up as long as you are comfortable with it. For his added pleasure and to give you something to play with reach up and fondle his balls. Or go up even further and play with his nipples. This will give him something else to concentrated on so he doesn't pop his cock yet. If you feel he is about to cum stop what you are doing and let him cool off for a few minutes. After all you are having fun and you want to enjoy his cock as much as you can until you get tired of it. Then let him pop his cock! But not yet. He likes it too much and he wants it to last as long as you can keep it going.

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Two More Advanced Techniques

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George of Boston (Boston Bill)
From: Jack McGee
Subject: Comment on Fellatio Course

The Butterfly Flutter

George, I have been enjoying the hell of these fellatio lessons. I can often bring my men to orgasm with my cock head while fucking them, and I love to fuck hot sweet ass.

But your lessons remind me that I also love to suck cock. And that I'm good at it. Your talking about the butterfly reminds of a black man I used to know in Texas, who was probably between 15 and 20 yrs older than I and in the last 3 or 4 yrs has dropped out of sight. That would make mid to late 70's last time I saw him. He was tall and handsome, strong and muscular, with a thick slab of tasty man meat.

The last time I saw him was at a video store in Dallas that no longer swings but still did then. I walked into the booth area and he trying to discourage a good looking boy who was mad for him. When he saw me, he smiled and told the boy that I was what he was looking for, since I could handle his meat better than anyone he know and that no boy could do the job. The boy was pretty hot so I suggested he join us to learn a little.

We stripped off inside the locked booth and dropped a few tokens. Then I knelt and began to lave the big black balls with the boy by my side, watching intently. I have a big mouth, but this was one of the few pairs of balls I couldn't get into my mouth at the same time, though I enjoyed trying every time I saw him. After they had been worked on properly I took the tip of his thick hard cock in my mouth and with my tongue pushed back the foreskin which had only partly retracted. Slowly taking more of his cock into my mouth, I moved back and forth on it, with the boy, now beating his meat, watching. We played hard but slowly. Finally with my finger up my hot black man's ass and his cock head firmly into my throat and my nose deep in his pubic hair and my chin between his cock and balls, I received the offering of his thick cum, tasty and salty. As I cleaned his cock with my mouth, I'd pull off from time to time and share the cum with the boy.

When he was totally clean and still tumescent if not totally erect he sat on the bench. I told him to put his feet up on the bench and told the boy to move in and suck his balls and tongue his ass. When he got going good, I suited up, lubed his hot little ass, and fucked him hard.....our beautiful black daddy didn't give us another load, but he thoroughly enjoyed the boy's mouth, even unskilled, on his balls and ass, and watching me fuck a load out of the boy. There was a thick deep splotch of cum on the front of the bench, sliding down into a large puddle on the floor..all from the boy. I made him lick it up and then took off my condom, drained it into the boy's mouth and had him clean my cock with his mouth. Then I kissed the boy, we all got dressed and went in different directions.

The boy would be a welcome piece of ass again but what I'd really like is my big black daddy again. I hope he's alive and well, but knowing that his blood pressure was right off the chart, suspect he's not. And if not, I hope he left the world just as he blew a big load down some other hot daddy's mouth.
From: "Leslie Wellington-Garrett"
Subject: Re: Comment on Fellatio Course

I first heard about this particular technicque from of all places "Playgirl" magazines. They always had hot pics of men in the pages.and probably still do,and the cock was allowed to be erect.

In one issue they gave ideas on "How to please your man."

And it was in this issue that they advocated putting a finger up his ass in order to stimulate and massage the prosate,and at the same time sucking his cock.

It works well with my cub.

Hugs lesliexx
From: "Ben Boxer"
Subject: A punishment befitting the crime

(Gerolamo Morlino, aka "Morlini," was a writer of fables and tales in early 16th-century Naples which were often burnt by the authorities for obscenity -- that is, when the authorities could find anything to burn. His works were so popular they were snatched up by the public as soon as they appeared. The following excerpt appears in his first volume of stories, published in 1520. It begins when an older husband comes home unexpectedly and catches his young wife sleeping in their bed in the arms of a handsome young fellow. Waiting until they awaken and are suitably surprised, shocked, frightened and ashamed, the husband seems at first to be indifferent.)

Taking in the youth's beauty and acute dismay, the husband then began speaking. "Fear not, fair lad," he said. "Far be it from me to be so cruel as to be your executioner, and still less to deliver so pretty a man over to the rigor of the law. Only -- so that what you have done unto my wife may in time be done unto you -- I propose to use your charms for the pleasures of my bed. You will be my catamite, and you will have to submit to all my desires...and in this way I will settle our difference....."

Having made this little speech, he took off his clothes and slipped into bed. He grasped the youth in his arms, and pressing a vigorous attack that revealed rather the will to punish than the desire to get pleasure, he subjected him to an operation very like the one the bold lad had so generously performed on the lady of the house, but using a different avenue. The young man desperately struggled to avoid the tough embrace of he whom he had thought to beguile, but in vain: he was obliged to suffer its humiliating supremacy to the very end. Meanwhile the husband found cruel delight in this pleasure which the inhabitants of Sodom had once honored, and which, in this case, was doubled by the satisfaction of revenge.

The night was spent in couplings of this kind. At the first glimmer of dawn, the husband called out to two husky servants. Ordering them to hold the young man down, he flogged his charming buttocks with a birch-rod until he could stand it no longer. "This is to punish you," the husband then said," you who...glorify in committing the crime of adultery."

At this the presumptuous young Romeo was allowed to go. Though mortified by his experience, he nevertheless felt fortunate to have had to pay with his body instead of with his head...and he never spoke a word about his adventure....

This tale confirms the old adage that He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

(Attached drawing is a self-portrait of Albrecht Durer, perhaps the greatest German artist of the Renaissance era, who was a silverfox at the time Morlini wrote this tale and could have looked like the older husband who knew how to apply a punishment that fit the crime!)
From: j r
Subject: Re: A punishment befitting the crime

OH MY GOD! That LUCKY punished youth! It would be worth the "punishment" of sleeping with a young lady once more if I knew a silverfox (Particularly one like George of Boston!) would catch me, and "beat my buttocks with a birch rod til I could stand it no more"!

Of course the sodomy would just be a bonus! I'm going to dream of this tonight; I am certain!

From: "Ben Boxer"
Subject: Question du Jour (for Harley)

Question du Jour:

Who came up with the idea of "seeing-eye dogs" for blind people?

Answer (from "Readers Digest Book of Facts"):

During World War I a doctor at a German hospital was called away from the blind patient he was treating. The doctor left his German shepherd with the patient and upon his return noticed the positive way that man and dog were interacting. The physician reasoned that such dogs could be trained to assist blind people and set about to teach the animals to do just that.

This might have remained a local phenomenon had not Dorothy Eustis, a wealthy American dog trainer, heard of these guide dogs (the proper term). She hired some of the German trainers and set up an institute in New Jersey to make this use of the dogs widespread.

Guide dogs undergo several months of training.

Question for list member Harley, whose answer will be typed by Master Bob:

All right, Harley, what can you tell us about the training you had to undergo to qualify as Bob's guide (SAT score not required; we already know you passed.):
From: RogueKC@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Question du Jour (for Harley)

Dear Ben,
Thank you for that background information... I knew a bit about this practice immolating from Germany, but little about the rest.

As a person who has long loved (and raised) German Shepherds, I was under the impression that this was a phenomenon that this was entirely a product of the US, but apparently not.

As man who is blind (according to the state), I know there will be a time that I will need such a wonderful critter. Fortunately, for now at least, I'm able to get around fairly independently, with the help of friends. I know there will come a time that I shall need such a buddy to help me do the trick, and I imagine that in fact it will be a beautiful and faithful German Shepherd that will be said companion.

I hope my cats will be able to adjust. ;-)

Thank you again for educating me.

Terry in KC

PS... I dearly love my two cats... But both of them are absolutely USELESS as guide cats.

P.P.S. from Ben Boxer:
When I lived in Hollywood many years ago, I had two Lilac Siamese pussycats named Sebastian and Violet (named for two characters in a Tennessee Williams play). They were trained to walk on a double lead. They were very proud and disdainful of everyone and everything, including traffic, except for a guide dog who lived in a house down the street. His master sometimes called me to arrange to meet for coffee at an outdoor cafe two blocks away. We made a game of it. He would start out first and pass my house. I would spot him through the window and gather up Sebastian and Violet and dash outside with their lead. The game was that I was required to close my eyes and play blind man until we got to the cafe. My cats were so much in love with his big German shepherd that they made a beeline for him up ahead. They were very strong and pulled me along. They stopped when he stopped and followed suit when he marched ahead. In a line of troops numbering two men, two cats and one dog, we arrived at the cafe where the owner would announce that the cats had brought me in alive. It was great fun. I was allowed to open my eyes when seated in my chair. I bumbled and stumbled, but my friend loved the game. "A person should know what it's like to be blind," he would say. While we had coffee, the pooch and pussies sat at our feet, and the cats invariably gave the guide dog a bath, concentrating mostly on his large face and ears.
From: "Robert Feinstein"
Subject: Re: Question du Jour (for Harley)

Well, I was about six weeks old when I was given to a young girl who took care of me, and trained me in basic obedience. She did let me sleep in her bed, and so I still love to lie in different beds with my Labrador head on the pillow when this is allowed. My human only has a single bed, so I climb up and spend time with him each morning, but it is much too crowded when he's in bed with me, so I sneak on his bed when he's otherwise engaged. He never asks me to leave.

So, after being with this girl, Laura Little, who taught me how to sit, lie down, come, etc., I was given back to the school where I was trained for four months. I was taught the straight line concept: to avoid or go around an obstacle, but then return to my straight line. I was taught to stop at curbs, waiting for a command. I was taught not to be distracted by other dogs, but I do look at them. As the old saying goes, even if you're on a diet, you can still look at the menu. I was taught my different commands, forward, right, left, and steady, which means to slow my pace. I am a very good guide dog and a good boy, so I don't have to get corrected. The last time I got a jerk on my leash was about three years ago, when I got distracted by a beautiful stray dog, and did not stop for the down curb. My master, who is no light weight, fell on top of me! I have never forgotten a curb! It's not worth it!

When I'm not guiding, I'm a regular dog, and enjoy playing, and making new friends. Sometimes, even with my harness, I get excited, especially when I meet people who pay a lot of attention to me. The local restaurant where we go is an example. I love the woman who owns it, and if she does not come over to pet me and talk to me in Greek, I give out a bark, and she must drop what she is doing to pay me the attention I deserve.

The actual guide training takes about 4 to 5 months, but it is reinforced as I and my master go out together. My birthday is on April 16, and I will be 8 years old. On August 31, we will have been together for 7 years.

After this post is finished, I and Bob will take a walk, so I can go big, and just enjoy the nice weather.

Thank you, dear Ben, for including us guide dogs in your post to the list. After all, I do want humans to know that I love my job, and it's really I who rule the roost!

Hugs and doggie licks,
Harley and Bob
From: "Dennis O"
Subject: Worm Experiment: You can try this at home.

Four worms were placed into four separate jars.

The first worm was put into a jar of alcohol.
The second worm was put into a jar of cigarette smoke.
The third worm was put into a jar of sperm.
The fourth worm was put into a jar of soil.

After one day:

The first worm -- dead
Second worm -- dead
Third worm -- dead
Fourth worm -- alive

As long as you drink, smoke and have sex, you won't get worms.

End of silverfoxesclub-digest V1 #194